Semester Re-cap

This semester I learned a variety of skills. One of the first skills I learned was to make a GIF .  It was a very nostalgic experience because I used to make memes with my friends so making a gif was relieving. Furthermore, I also learned to make memes on photoshop which I will probably never do again due to the facts that there are meme generating sites where you can create your own which are much simpler than Photoshop.  here is an example of one of my memes below.

One of the most valuable skills I learned in this course was how to make an animated GIF. This was one of the most complicated tasks for me, till this day I still have trouble remembering the process. However, I will most likely continue this throughout my life. I really admired this GIF I made. because I loved Scooby- Doo as a child.

One of the most important things I learned in this course was how to make my own website. MY OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE!!!!!!!, isn’t that amazing ?, I will msot likely keep it up to date even though I find myself occupying my time doing other things do it mostly depends on my commitment which I lack at times. Its fun updating and making new additions to my website.  It  gave me a personal insight into how much work is involved in maintaining websites and I can only imagine what people who own business websites must go through especially bloggers and much more. 

My music preferences

Good Morning ya’ll. I’ve decided to share my music preferences with y’all. I personally like songs with a melody and nice beats. My favorite genres are Hip-Hop , R&B , and occasionally a sprinkle of pop music here and there. I like some trap music but if the beat is too harsh I end up not liking it . For example this is one of the songs I like  .Im not really a fan of much mumble rappers but I will give credit where it’s due if their songs are catchy.

Sorry for being M.I.A

Lately I’ve just been chilling, I haven’t really visited my website in some time. Theres just been other things on my mind. Today I broke my MacBook Pro 🙁   it happened to fall of my bed and you know the rest…..  its all good cuz I got insurance.

I also lost my debit card last night  so whoever put a spell on me can you please take it off ?

Halloween is tomorrow !!!!!!


Its been many years since I’ve stopped dressing up, but Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love seeing people wear costumes that they’ve designed themselves. Halloween is one of the only holidays where you can roam the streets in funny costumes which people don’t judge you for !. However, best believe that if you wear a costume any other day than Halloween then people would suggest you check yourself in the psych ward. This year I plan to masquerade as a doctor. I have this lab coat that I purchased for a biology class last year and I figured why not wear it for Halloween. It fits kind of tight but it’ll do just fine.